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Mushroom Madness 2
Scale Vol
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Retro shooter where you must defend the three gun stations from enemy attack. Cool explosions and light effects.

In this sequel to Mushroom Madness, defend the magic mushrooms from hungry rabbits, giant bugs, porcupines, and other invading creatures. The graphics in this game are nice, and all of the creatures have been rendered from multiple angles providing a more 3D look and feel. Attention to detail can be seen in the variety of colored leaves on the trees and subtle animations in the vegetation.

Between rounds you can upgrade various attributes with the coins collected in the round. Upgrades include better hitting weapons (which is your default weapon), as well as improving the effectiveness of your coin magnet, machine gun, money rate, and much more. All together there are 81 upgrades to buy.

The levels are divided into different categories, which include the main adventure levels, animal rush, vault defense, and safe breaker. The objective for each category is different, which changes things up every now and then. As well, each level has its own particular achievements to earn represented by the number of stars on the level icon.

Use the mouse to aim and shoot (or swat / hit).

Crates can be broken by the following:
- Paper crates can be hit to break.
- Wooden crates must be shot or blown up.
- Steel crates must be opened with a key.
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