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City Siege Jungle Siege
Scale Vol
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Build units, defeat all the baddies, and save civilians in this upgrade platform shooting game.

Use your platform skills to get around jungle themed levels quickly and shoot all the baddies in the third installment of the City Siege series. Each level is a mission you must complete, which include a briefing about the nature of your mission and a small picture of the terrain of the level ahead. Sometimes you are just shooting baddies, other missions you must also save VIPS and natives of the jungle. Select unit you wish to use at the beginning, you can switch between them using the number keys. make combination kills for more points. To rid the jungle of the baddie menace you will need to destroy all 6 bunkers that you find along the way.

Make your missions more successful by purchasing more units and upgrading them between levels. Each will gain their own experience points and hit points, use stars earned to upgrade individual units. Click on vacant spots to select units to purchase, which range from rifle units, to bomber units, to helicopter and tanks units. Each have different health, power, and speed stats. The more missions completed, the more money earned, the more units you can purchase, the closer you get to defeating the baddies!

Use 'AWSD' keys to move, the mouse the aim and shoot, and the number keys to switch between units. The screen will indicate how far you must go in the level, money and stars earned, baddies killed, and VIPS and civilians saved. Click on options on the top right to use them.
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