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Kung Fu Grandpa
Scale Vol
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Help grandpa fight all the scum bags in his neighborhood and earn money in this fighting game.

Get revenge on all the baddies in grandpa's neighborhood in Kung Fu Grandpa. Fight and beat your enemies to collect points, bonuses, money, weapons, and energy drinks dropped by defeated foes. Beat everyone to pass the level and reach the boss levels. You can upgrade with money at any point, but you do not earn additional money while fighting bosses.

Click the shop button on the left bottom of the screen to upgrade weapon power, health, punch power, and strength. The top left of the screen indicates your health and energy level. Fill the yellow energy bar to perform power attacks. The number beside your energy bar indicates how many more attacks are left on any given weapon in use. When fighting bosses, their health bar is on the bottom right of the screen. If you die you can start over, but you will lose all money earned up to that point.

Use 'left' and 'right' arrows to move, 'Z' to punch, 'X' to kick, 'C' to perform power maneuvers, and 'space' to jump.
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