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Codename Indigo
Scale Vol
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You are the last survivor of your team, you must infiltrate the enemy. Use barricades and dodge attacks.

You are the last survivor of your team, you must infiltrate the enemy and defeat them all in Condename Indigo. Use barricades and dodge attacks as you try to take out all enemy men, vehicles, and barricades. Get bonuses for destroying larger object, such as new weapons and more bullet proof vests. Collect them by by running to them. You are dead when you run out of bullet proof vests. You win when all the enemies in that mission are dead and destroyed.

In each mission you will face more advanced military enemies and vehicles, remember to move quickly and try to destroy as much at once as possible. Your amount of vests and grenades are indicated at the bottom left, and which weapon you have at the moment and how many rounds it has is at the bottom right. To use the M60 hold to fire, the shotgun click to shoot, and the grenade launcher, click to shoot. If you die you will get to try that mission again.

Use the 'A' and 'D' keys to move, 'A' and 'S' or 'D' and 'S' to roll, 'S' to crouch, your mouse to aim and shoot, and 'space' to throw grenades.
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