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Cursed Dungeon
Scale Vol
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Lift the curse placed on you by fighting monsters, zombies, skeletons and other horrors in this adventure RPG.

Lift the demon curse before it transforms you into a beast in Cursed Dungeon. According to a witch, the cure could be found in the deepest level of the Appolyon's dungeon, which is inhabited by all sorts of dangerous creatures. Select to play as a knight, rogue or axeman, all having different statistics. Kill all your enemies and make it deeper into the dungeon before its too late. Click on spells to utilize them while your character battles.

Battles contribute to experience points, gold and level progress. Use stat points to increase health, attack, and speed statistics. Use perk points to increase meditation, strength and adrenaline levels. Find treasure chests containing upgrades and visit the blacksmith, jewel shop, and marketplace in the village. Access your backpack to obtain your character's information. Remember to upgrade equipment after fighting a lot. Take training fights to prepare you for more fearsome enemies.

Mouse Control
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