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Heavy Pawnage
Scale Vol
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The drones have rebelled, don the combat armor and destroy them in this upgrade shooting game.

The drones are destroying all the buildings and homes on the island, killing almost everyone. As the last worker left, you must equip yourself with the combat armor and destroy them all in Heavy Pawnage. Traverse the map by selecting different areas and defeating the bad guys. There are different prerequisites for each level. Shoot at pylons, barrels, and crates for more ammo, gold, or health. Your enemies will sometimes drop gold when defeated, collect this to use for upgrades. After 180 seconds a jet pack is dropped, you can escape on this if you need to, or you can keep fighting for more gold.

Purchase weapons and make upgrades by hitting the shop button. This brings you to the weapons page, drag the weapons to the vacant squares at the bottom to equip them. Click on the gold arrow on the right of the screen to bring you to the upgrade page. Upgrade your robot's defenses and its ammunition here. Click on the 'next' button to bring you back to the map which indicates the level you are facing, the prerequisites for this level, and your overall kill amount. Boss levels are more challenging, as you are facing tougher enemies. You can repeat levels to earn more gold. Your health, time left until the jet pack is dropped, and the weapons equipped are indicated at the bottom of the screen. Your ammunition amounts are indicated beneath the weapons.

Navigate with 'ASDW' buttons, attack with 'JKL' buttons, and control game with mouse.
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