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Crusade 2
Scale Vol
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Aim and shoot your cannon at soldiers and barricades to infiltrate the castle.

Aim and shoot your cannon at soldiers and barricades to infiltrate the castle in Crusade 2. Take down your obstacle in as few tries as possible and kill all the soldiers to pass the level. Be awarded with bronze, silver, or gold metals, or gain no metals, depending on how many shots you took to finish the level. Each level will have different objects to shoot, including large and small cannon balls, spears, multiple cannon balls, and bombs. Kill the soldiers by hitting them directly, knocking them over, or by knocking something on top of them. All soldiers must die to pass the level. At the end of each level you will receive your level score and total score.

To start, select one of the missions on the map of Europe. The earlier missions involve fewer soldiers, their numbers increase as you move across Europe. When you click on the mission it will bring you to a screen showing the positioning of the enemy soldiers. Then it will pan to the cannon, you cannot see your target when you are aiming, you must base this on what you were shown in relation to your cannon. Select your ammunition choice and shooting power at the bottom of the screen. To shoot, use the mouse to drag the arrow along the curved line, and double click the screen to fire. You will have to adjust your angle and/or shooting power if you miss. Complete all missions to win, aim to earn metals in all missions and gain achievements.

Use your mouse to control the game.
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