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Colonize space and defeat your enemies in this strategy game, build your fleet and occupy planets and systems.

Solarmax is a space colonization game where the objective is to take over all planets/systems in each level while battling enemy ships that are trying to achieve the same objective. Each planet colonized will increase your fleet, so the faster you colonize the better. Your population of ships is indicated on the bottom of the screen. Use mouse to select ships and drag them to other plants/systems to attack, the more you click the stronger the attack. You can click and drag ships from multiple planets/systems and move them to multiple locations. It is optimal to capture space yards, which increase fleets more rapidly, and warps, which allow your ships to travel to planets immediately after clicking, instead of traveling across space. Lasers help you defend from attack while your ships are elsewhere.

Mouse Control - There is an in-game tutorial.
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