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Spectromancer 2
Scale Vol
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Summon creatures and spells to defeat opponent mages by combining features of computer and card games.

Summon creature and spells to defeat opponent mages in Spectromancer 2, a game combining features of computer games and collection card games. Fight your opponent in a turn based game, either against the computer or against other people. The object of the duel is to reduce your opponents life number from sixty to zero.

Each mage uses five magical elements; fire, water, air, earth, and a fifth depending on the player's mage type. Each mage starts the duel with 60 life points, and has five numbers representing the power or ability within the five elements. This affects the strength of spells cast in the duel. You can also summon creatures, each creature has two stats: attack strength and life number. A creature's life is reduced by the strength of an attacking creature. When the life number is reduced to zero, the creature dies. Each player has six creature slots that can hold summoned creatures, if all slots are full the player cannot summon any more creatures. After each turn the players creatures attack the enemy, if there is no creature in the slot attacked, the attack directly injures the opponent. Access the help index to learn the specifics on creatures and spells.

Select cards to play from your five elemental categories and place them in the slots above. The activities of each play are recorded on the left of the screen. You can click beneath this to receive advice and a scenario description.
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