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Shopping Cart Hero 2
Scale Vol
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Compete for the most points in one jump by customizing your shopping cart and performing mid-air tricks.

Shopping Cart Hero 2 has many new features and upgrades including new tricks, hats, baseball bat, hand glider, garbage dumpster, golden cart, as well as the familiar wheels, rocket engines, and groupies. Compete for the most points in one jump by customizing your shopping cart and performing tricks.

Bonus points are awarded if you press the up arrow key at the the correct time to get in and then jump the shopping cart. Receive points multipliers for style by wearing a cool hat and bringing groupies along for the ride. Be careful however, because if you crash the groupies will be injured and you will lose those style points.

New ground tricks are also available to purchase such as endos, wheelies, and handstands. Tricks can also be performed in combination to multiply your score. The baseball bat can be used to knock coconuts and other bonuses out of the trees and is needed for a special ground trick. The graphics have been updated, and the prices are balanced to create more variety and strategy when buying upgrades. Shopping Cart Hero 2 is a great sequel to an already really fun game.

1. Press the right arrow key to start.
2. Press the up arrow key to get into the cart (as close to the first post as you can).
3. Press the up arrow key again to jump (as close to the second post as possible).
4. Perform tricks in the air by pressing the correct key combos.
5. Press SPACE to swing the baseball bat.

Control the vertical and horizontal distance of your jump by rotating the cart in the desired direction with the arrow keys.
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