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Paper Penguins
Scale Vol
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Punch penguins into the sky so that they fall and destroy ships and helicopters in this paper style arcade game.

Punch penguins that are flying out of pipes towards you so they don't hit the ground and break your ice in Paper Penguins. Use your gun to send out boxing gloves to hit penguins and send them into the sky or the spikes. When they are sent into the sky the will get small and fall back into the water, hitting ships and helicopters, you can hit them with a bigger boxing glove to get them to hit ships that are further away in the water. Eventually they will be shooting out of two pipes, making for more penguins and a harder challenge.

Your health is on a sign on the bottom left, your score and enemies remaining is on the top of the screen. The health of ships and helicopters is indicated by a bar above them.

Use arrow keys or AWSD keys to move your gun back and forth, aim and shoot with mouse, and 'up' pr 'space' to make your boxing glove bigger.
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