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Myosotis: Chapter 1
(ActionScript 2) You play as Rick, a private investigator seeking his long lost love. You arrive at a hotel, but ever...
Zombies - Days 2 Die
Survive the zombie outbreak, place barricades, buy weapons, hire mercenaries.
A funny physics based cannon game featuring the cute and lovable Bowlees!
The Great War Of Prefectures
Conquer Japan! 47 Prectures of Japan are now independent. The great war of Prectures has begun.
Ricochet War
A Cool new twist to the famous Ricochet Series.
BattleShip: The Beginning
Deploy your ships, drag and drop your ships to place them on the grid.
People on My Lawn 2
Sequel of the People on My Lawn with lots of new features, 50 levels, updated control scheme and new...
Zombie Mall
Kill all the zombies that are coming your way inside a giant shopping mall.
Impale 3
Zombies must die! Kill them. Kill them prettily.
Notebook Wars
Shoot and destroy all the planes coming your way and upgrade to the next level.
Pour The Fish
The fish had a carefree life until they were sucked down the drain. You must help them!
Sneak Thief 1: Prime Catch
(ActionScript 2) Your goal is to steal the item and escape the locked room.
Underworld Army, Episode 1
(ActionScript 2) Find the secret lift and secret train to get to the army. Deactivate Professor pain robotic army and...
Taxi Driver Challenge 2
Your task is to look for passengers and transport them to place where they ask You to drive.
You will not believe this. The bear kills zombie-footballers by balls.
Vase Breaker 2
(ActionScript 2) Its time to break some vases, you are given a slingshot and the limited number of balls to break all...
The Fog Fall 4
(ActionScript 2) The Fog Fall 4 is the next edition in post-apocalyptic hidden object thriller.It will haunt your dre...
Myosotis: Chapter 2
(ActionScript 2) You once again play as Rick, a private investigator. After stumbling upon a secret research facility...
Ricoshooter 2
Prepare for the exciting battle with alien robots. Kill them all in ricochet style to pass the level...
Ninja Or Nun 2
Ninjas, hiding out amongst the Nuns! Can you defeat these deadly dudes
Spiderman Word
(ActionScript 2) Spell words and climb buildings to help Spiderman keep the city safe from Doc Ock.
Ornament Key
Assemble various ornaments to unlock and open ancient gates. 7 Egypt themed and 7 Mayan themed.
Top Trial Bike
(ActionScript 2) Top Trial Bike, Play this Flash game.
Top That Deux
(ActionScript 2) Top That Deux, Play this Flash game.
Zee and the Alien Machine
Zee's house party has been invaded by undercover aliens! Can he destroy the threat and save the part...
Move your little cute pig aachoo with arrow keys, let him reach the ultimate H1N1 vaccine.
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